Drawing from his experiences as a successful serial entrepreneur, internet enthusiast and blogger, Boris offers a lively and unique perspective on starting up companies, networking your way to fame and glory (and riches) and current technology trends.

His background as an artist, professional juggler, and graphic designer endow him with an interesting combination of technology know-how and creativity.

He coined several useful management theories such as ‘How to paint a white rabbit‘ , ‘The Domino Model of Success Causation‘ and ‘The Burning Cat Strategy‘. His entrepreneurial background lends all of Boris’s presentations a very actionable and success-oriented focus.

Whether you want to discuss the latest in online technology or web marketing, Boris is an excellent source of knowledge.

Boris’ years of successful technology management experience allows him to bring real-world examples to your meeting or convention.

A few testimonials

Børge Sandengen, Managing Director at INMA

Boris is something different! After participation and hosting various interactive marketing seminars around the world, I had the pleasure of being introduced and listening to an outmost interesting, inspiring and out-of-the-box speech presented by Mr. Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten. The seminar topic was “Evolve and innovate! Creativity, key trends and future opportunity in interactive advertising” and Boris rounded up the seminar with this spectacular performance: “How entrepreneurship, serendipity, the image of God and interactivity all come together in one vision of the future of technology and humankind”. I was amazed of the professionalism, enthusiasm and personal interaction shown by Boris . Simply brilliant and highly entertaining. Really fantastic performance and two thumbs up. A true breathtaking experience.”

Bas van de Haterd, Programma ontwikkelaar at Media Plaza:

“Boris Veldhuizen van Zanten has been a speaker during several of the Media Plaza events. He is a passionate speaker who tells great stories based on his experiences. His stories are very informative and interesting and not only for entrepreneurs! Boris knows how to link ‘fun’ and ‘business’ and isn’t shy about admitting the mistakes he made and what he learned from them. His unconventional way of presenting provides a perfect mix between entertainment and education…”

Martin Haring (MsC Coordinator Center for Entrepreneurship Hogeschool Amsterdam) who invited me as a speaker on several occasions:

‘Boris has been a returning guest at the Hogeschool Amsterdam for years. He shares his experiences with students and illustrates the pros and cons of entrepreneurship with lively anecdotes. Boris knows how to challenge our students by posing interesting theories which made every event extremely interactive. Several students reacted very positive on Boris’ performances. One quote from an impressed student:

“One of the highlights was mister Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten. An extraordinary speaker and unique personality. He inspired me to set my goals ven higher and to believe in my dreams!”‘

Jeroen Smit (publicist) was the moderator for Fusion 06 where I was a guest speaker.

‘Boris is a man who believes in progress, innovation and a truly interactive world. The fact that he not only belives this but also works on making it a reality is very refreshing. Boris is not scared to ‘walk his talk’ and that makes him very convincing during his talk’

Frederik Kampman, Founder and main-organiser Make a Business Amsterdam 2006:

How do you get a group of 150 students, completely exhausted after an intensive day full workshops, impressions, seminars, ideas and also worries about ‘what to do next’, enthusiastic and active again? The answer is simple, invite Boris!

Without a microphone or slides, only with a really fancy suit and even more fancy story. It was exactly what everybody needed at the end of the day… And it gave a lot of input to talk about during the drinks.

Because of this huge success (rated best speaker) we decided to invite him again in 2007!

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Booking Information

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