My name is Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and I’m a Serial Internet Entrepreneur, blogger and speaker.

I started my first company, V3 Redirect Services, in 1997. V3 gave away redirect urls like come.to/boris, listen.to/music and surf.to/eric. We sold V3 in 1999 to Fortunecity.com which was about to go public on the Neuer Markt. We got paid in shares and continued working for V3 for a year. Unfortunately our shares had lost most of their value by 2002.V3 logoPixelBoris: portrait by MediaMonks

HubHop LogoIn 2003 I started a Wi-Fi Hotspot operator in the Netherlands. We named it HubHop and started installing Wi-Fi Access Points in bars, hotels and other public places as fast as we could. Within 6 months we had over 50 HotSpots and KPN approached us to talk about acquiring HubHop. 8 months after incorporating our company we sold 51% to KPN. Another 6 months later we sold the other 49% too. I stayed on as an adviser to KPN Hotspots (HubHop was renamed after we sold it to KPN) for another year.

Since then I have started several projects and companies including The Next Web Conference and Fleck.com. More recently I started TwitterCounter.com. You could describe it as a combination of  Feedburner and or Google Analytics for Twitter.

Starting companies, inventing innovative technology and coming up with new ideas is my work. A lot of my time is spent on keeping up with new trends on the web, internet and in technology in general and looking for opportunities.

I keep my LinkedIn profile up-to-date so if you want to know more about what I have done in the past check that.

IPAN Member

From May 2005 till April 2008 I have been chairman of IPAN (Interactive Professionals Association Netherlands).


You can see what books I read at the Books page.

If you need a photo of me for a blog or article you can use these. Please do notify me in advance so I know where and for what you are using my portrait and show the photographers name when you use it please.

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
Portrait by Raymond Taudin Chabot. (Download High Res Version)

Photo by Guido van Nispen (Download High Res Version)

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