As we both know…

As we both know…

A friend of mine had an argument with his girlfriend about who should do what in the house. She told him she was doing all the laundry and that maybe he should help out with that. He replied that he always took care of dinner. He bought groceries, prepared the meal, served it and then cleaned the dishes. She replied “Yeah, but that’s not fair. You ‘like’ cooking”.

They were both right, of course.

It is easy to discard anything you are good at as nothing special. You make something and when someone praises you it sounds unfair. You reply “Well, I don’t deserve credit for that. It didn’t take any effort. I just happen to know how to do that”

If you are talented (and everybody is) the things you ‘know’ don’t seem that special. You just know things and they seem to come natural. Why brag about it?

Please do brag about it. Make a list of things you can do. Brag all you want.

You might think “everybody knows how to do that”. Chances are you are wrong. What you know (and the combination of things you know) is special and extraordinary. Often we say “As we both know…”. In most cases, we DON’T both know. Even when it seems logical to you that what you know is common knowledge, it probably isn’t.

The girlfriend in the story above knows her boyfriend very well. One of his talents is that he knows how to prepare a good dinner. Didn’t seem to take much effort. Doing what you like doing never feels like work. Although she was dividing what had to be done by input (the chores that take effort) he was diving by output (the result of all the chores put together).

What are your talents, skills and what unique knowledge do you possess?

Jumping Mother and Father

My parents….


  1. Nice picture!

  2. Are you sure it was “a friend of mine” ?


  3. Ellemijn Veldhuijzen van Zanten

    Are those my legs? ;-)

    Love the story!


  4. interesting take paired with an exuberant photo!

  5. We were having fun there, weren’t we? Same place next year? We never saw this picture before. Can you send us one?

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