‘That will do’ never does.

‘That will do’ never does.

quick_fixDo you ever find yourself thinking ‘That will do’?

I do and have learned to accept it as a warning sign.

‘That will do’ means you are about to deliver something below par. If you find yourself about to walk away from a job that seems just good enough you should stop yourself and think about what you could add to turn your job from ‘That will do’ into ‘This is it!’.

The ‘quick fix’ is seldon a real fix, the ‘Good enough’ solution is never good enough and ‘that will do’ never does.


  1. Time quality and money are always variables that I consider when looking at the result. I am a perfectionist and I hate leaving things in the “that will do” state, but sometimes you just have to right?

  2. Love the picture by the way :D

  3. Of course you’re right, Boris! I’ll think of it next time…

  4. Diederik

    You are absolutely right and I will keep this lesson in mind. But excuse me for being a smartass: I think you mean “above par”. Below par is actually quite good…

  5. Hi Diederik, in golf, yes, But ‘below Par’ actually means not good. Check it out:



  6. Diederik

    Boss above boss ;-)

  7. thanks for putting it out again.
    I many times amaze myself with the amount of excuses I can come up with to explain why ‘that will do’ is actually the right answer. Better do it right the first time, should always be the one and only answer.

  8. i havent heared from amanda ferrel since i made this page i sent that girl a message i guess she didnt get it i didnt think she got it any way because i was having some promblems with the internet


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