Alison Jackson: Photo Delivery, done right

In February I blogged here about my very first homepage, The Photo Delivery page. The idea of the PhotoDelivery Page was that people requested photos they thought I wouldn’t be able to make and then, with the help of my Apple Quicktake 1.0 and Photoshop 1.0, I would produce them anyway. And within 24 hours. My page was so popular that my hosting provider shut it down to save bandwidth.

Today I stumbled onto the portfolio of Alison Jackson, an artist who makes incredibly smart and funny photos and videos about celebrities in weird situations. You can see Bush in the Oval Office working on a Rubik’s Cube and Michael Jackson putting lipstick on a crying baby.

The photos are very realistic and each photo makes you wonder if what you see could have actually happened. They remind me of the fun I had with the Photo Delivery but also of the work of Cindy Sherman who I have always admired.

Check out the M+B Gallery Los Angeles which shows a whole collections of photos by Alison Jackson

Alison Jackson: Bush Pumps Gas
Bush Pumps Gas

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  1. Leuke serie, heel creatief.

    Deze is ook leuk.

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