Free Ticket & Huge Savings: Sprout ChallengerDay

Sprout ChallengerDayOn Thursday, November 1, 2007 I will be a speaker on Sprout’s ChallengerDay. I am looking forward to this day a lot and not just because I am speaking but because the other speakers are all very inspiring people. I intend to be there the whole day just listening to what these challengers have to say. I also offered to host the Speakers Dinner the night before at my house which will be extra cool because I will get to meet all the speakers personally the evening before.

You can see who all the speakers are on the official website but here are a few examples of the challengers that will speak: Marc Schroder and Michiel Muller who founded Route Mobiel and are challenging the ANWB. Pim Betist the founder of Sellaband who is challenging the music industry with a better model to promote talent. Igor Kluin who is the founder of Qurrent which is revolutionizing the energy business. Bob Kuijs who is constantly challenging Funda with, all the way to court.

I have asked the Sprout people if I could do something special for my blog readers and they came up with a great deal! The first 20 people who contact Marianne van Leeuwen will only have to pay €199 instead of the usual €599.

And it gets better.

On top of that I can take ONE person with me for free! Absolutely free! And you will also receive an invitation to the speakers dinner the evening before the event. How cool is that!

Since I can only give away ONE ticket I want you to describe to me why YOU deserve this one free ticket and how you will get more value out of this day than anyone else. Use the comments form here, your blog, Twitter, Flickr or any other means to persuade me to take YOU with me.

I will post the winner here in one week from now:

The winner: (Will be announced on Monday October 22)


  1. Abdur-Rahman Advany

    Just mailed Marianne van Leeuwen to get that cheap ticket :)

    Well, I wouldn’t know why you should take me :) don’t have many contacts, my last venture ended in a disaster, and can’t convince my friend to startup a company with me … Only reason I can think of is that I am certain that I would learn a heck of a lot from you :)

  2. Hi Boris, great initiative again. I’ll be there at the Challengerday and we’ll see each other there.

  3. Hi Boris,

    This is why I should be present…

  4. ellemijn

    the best reason ever..I’m your sister!

  5. @Jasper: the URL doesn’t seem to work. Can you check it for me?

  6. Frederik


    The reason why I think I should deserve the free ticket is because currently I’m writing my master thesis about entrepreneurship and especially about companies that rewrite the rules in their competition, in the scientific literature know as frame breaking change or industry rule breaking…
    The Challenger Day therefore will be of great value to me so I can combine the theory with practice or preferably the other way around, and YOU can help a poor student…

    Furthermore because everyone is a homo economicus; what’s in it for you?

    (1) I will be your PA and personal driver (that’s not going to be a punishment for me :)) during the Challenger Day
    (2) I will help you during the speaker dinner; due to my exhaustive restaurant experience this should really help you…(so you can spent more time with your guests)


  7. @Boris: I assume you’ve received my e-mail (the URL is working correctly) and that you’ve seen my motivation (and my Challenger Day Tattoo…).
    Made a decision yet? :))

  8. describe to me why YOU deserve this one free ticket ?
    >We give de local country economies a boost and a new look in trader ship with Rondjeregio BV in day tourism.

    And how you will get more value out of this day than anyone else.

    >Talk before this Sproutday with real trendsetters about our products and try on the next day .

    Best Regards
    Rebecca de Boer

  9. Im very curious who won the free card. This weak a student of mine also won a free card by asking a awardwinning question during a presentation of Wakoopa.

  10. I actually had three free cards and decided to give them to Jasper, Frederik AND Rebecca!

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