The Slurpr – Mother Of All Wi-fi Access Points!

The Slurpr - Mother Of All Wi-fi Access Points!

Press Release – May 29, 2007

On June 1, 2007 Mark Hoekstra ( will preview The Slurpr at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam. The Slurpr is a high speed Wi-Fi broadband router that takes up to six available Wi-Fi channels and combines them into one free and ultra broadband connection. Fast and Free Internet Access with just one box! Now you can enjoy the great advantages and comfort that come with a high speed internet connection, all for free.

The Slurpr automatically connects to the 6 strongest available Wi-Fi channels in your neighborhood to give you unparalleled connectivity. To make this happen, 6 Wi-Fi adapters are combined in one small package. The six extra sensitive antennae give you an even wider range of connectivity.

The Slurpr will be on display and available for pre-ordering at The Next Web Conference.

Technical specs:

Cool right?The Slurpr consists of a Six-channel wardrive-box broadbandrouter with 6 11/54Mbit fully configurable Wi-Fi connections bundled and redistributed to 9 wired ethernet connections. A 266MHz MIPS CPU with 64MB RAM with Linux installed on a 1GB Compact Flash card powers this extraordinary set-up.

Both the hardware and software of The Slurpr will be released under a Creative Commons license making it easy for users to build their own Slurprs and using and enhancing the software.

More information on:

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We also made it to BoingBoing and a bunch of other cool websites. In fact, so many websites are writing about the Slurpr that I gave up on linking to them here. Instead I’ll give you a Google and Technorati search link.

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  1. Cool stuff! Looks really evil-ish with the antenna’s and everything.

  2. Thanks Robert! We like it too! ;-)

  3. Very nice looking. But unfortunately I only see closed access-points in my neighborhood with better than WEP encryption.

  4. Ediwn, we might eb able to do something about that… ;-)

  5. Edwin

    Well I guess I’ll watch the preview this Friday.

  6. Roman

    If you’d manage to “do something about” WEP etc., it would make your gadget a killer! What about hotspots requiring you to log in each time?

  7. It IS a killer! And yes, everything is possible…

  8. User User

    Ok, but how does it re-aggregate the connections ?

    As far as I can tell, five different wireless connections will only be faster than a single connection if you are running multiple connections and services.

    But what if you are downloading a single file from a single ftp site ? You can’t establish a many-to-one connection to a single site …. which means you only get to talk over one of the wireless networks you are attached to.

    Theoretically you could have a connection aggregation server (proxy server, tor) running at a datacenter, and then re-aggregate there, but ,,, that’s getting fairly complex.

    So am I correct ? Increased throughput is only realized if you are running multiple different connections simultaneously ?

    ALSO, can each network connection be configured to use X % of available bandwidth ? So that anon, open wireless nets I connect to don’t notice I am there (because I am only using 20% of their bandwidth) ?

  9. Tony Blair

    I’ll be very anxious to hear the answer to the question above this one about combined bandwidth, but I have a question of my own. If its not WEP crackable right out of the box…could you at least provide step by step instructions on how to make it WEP crackable.


  10. I’ve ordered six. ;-)

  11. This is quite the ingenious invention! My Airport connection never is up to par, and for some reason neighboring signals can be stronger than mine. So I suppose I’m in the same boat… We’ll have to see what the budget permits here :)

  12. I would think this a good thing, you’re taking less bandwidth from each person. So no one would even notice.

  13. Which means: Keep us posted on this subject!

  14. User User

    Well ? What is the answer ? Do the benefits of multiple bandwidth aggregation only work when you are doing multi-stream transfers of data ?

    As far as I can tell, if I download a single file over FTP, I can only run that TCP session through one of the WIFI networks I am connected to – I can’t split it up across multiple connections because the server on the other end won’t know how to reassemble them …

    comments ?

  15. Wi-fi internet access has some security issue, but T1 high speed internet is the preferred broadband communications because it is more secure

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