How To Enable Comments On Seth Godin’s Blog…

Seth GodinSeth Godin doesn’t allow comments on his blog. He has a good explanation about why he doesn’t have comments too and I respect his opinion. In fact, often when I want to comment on one if his blogs (I often feel the urge) I look for the comment field, then remember there isn’t one and then just write a blog post and link to that particular blog so the Trackback will appear beneath his blog.

The good thing about that strategy is that I get to comment, Seth reads my blog sometimes (he tracks his Trackbacks) and lots of visitors from Seth’s blog come to my blog because they also track his Trackbacks.

So that is all great for me. But…

…what if you don’t have a blog?
…what if you REALLY want to comment?

I have a solution and a plan and a businesscase!

What if I would set-up a the “Seth Godin Trackback Comment Blog“.

Here is how this would work:

A script (or just me) would check Seth’s blog for new posts. As soon as a new post appears a new blog with Trackback is published on the “Seth Godin Trackback Comment Blog” with the title “Comment on ‘Title of blog’ here”. That link would lead to a post which contains no information except for an invitation to discuss the post and a disclaimer that Seth does not read, correct, endorse or manage these comments.

The fact that people want to discuss his post is a good thing which Seth would only stimulate. He just doesn’t want to commenting to happen under his nose. This way it won’t…

Seth’s blog is one of best read blogs in the world. I’ll bet you could even make some money on this.

One possible problem: Seth probably has to approve his Trackbacks and might not actually like this. How do we find out? We Trackback this post! Maybe he reads this and maybe he can let us know what he thinks about this “No Permission Commenting” plan.

UPDATE: it took Seth exactely 34 minutes to find this blog and leave a comment


  1. Thanks for the post.

    The reason I don’t have comments is that I don’t want to moderate them or read the anonymous ones. I read all my email and relish the feedback.

    If you want to do this, I certainly won’t (can’t) forbid you to. I’ll try very hard not to read em, though, because if I start, I won’t keep blogging… too stressful. I will ask that you not reprint each of my posts, though… the headlines are certainly fine.

  2. Sounds like a deal to me. I’ll have it up and running by the end of the week…

  3. let’s make it a ‘Trackback Comment Blog portal’

  4. is still available…

  5. zie Kottke’s Comments Outsourced To Bloghanistan een speciale site om reacties achter te laten op Kottke’s artikelen. Kottke heeft net als Seth de reacties uit staan.

    En zie inde comments een lijst van URLs:

  6. That is a very funny one:
    God In Comments?

  7. fascinating and informative, but would make something more on this topic?

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