Poll: did you like Le Web 3?

A lot of stuff is happening at this moment and it all has to do with Le Web 3 and Loic Lemeur. Some people seem to be “Assholes“, People are being fired, and some people aren’t saying anything or are even disabled from being able to say anything by people who say “Asshole“. Follow me?

A lot (or a little) of people are upset with Loic Lemeur or LeWeb (also reffered to as LePolitics or LeBackLash) about, well, a lot! But is everybody upset or is it just one or two people who complain about everything anyway?

It is time for a scientific poll! I want to know how many of the 1000+ visitors of Le Web 3 liked the conference and how many are unhappy.

Can all 1000+ visitors of Le Web 3 please report to me a soon as possible and participate in this poll? Thank you for your assistence.


If you know someone else who visited LeWeb3 please send them over. And to quote Larry Flynt: “Opinions are just like assholes, everybodys got one” so please give us yours! (Opinion, not Asshole!). We need every vote we can get!

UPDATE: the poll was reset due to a Database error. Please feel free to vote again!

UPDATE 2: the Poll seems to corrupt my Database server. The whole thing was down again for two hours today. I leaving the Poll out for now to see if that indeed causes these problems. Please use the comments to leave your opinion…


  1. Put me down as unhappy

  2. Another server crash disabled everything for another few hours today. I’m throwing the poll software out for a while since it might have something to do with that. Sorry and please enter your votes in a comment here as Own did…

  3. Fred Friendly

    I didn’t pay so I can’t criticize the fact that I had to sit through a blatant political ad with no Ségolène Royal rebuttal. Frankly though, there wasn’t much of anything there I saw that got me excited. Yet another upload your videos site with cute but slow ajax, some nice Google toys, the YoYo is great for kids.

    I guess my main concern is that the people that paid 500€ were probably disappointed, unless they either got laid or found the right drugs at one of the parties.

  4. While I got plenty from the conference and networking (it was my first), the agenda was not as advertised. Sam is right, the Google presentation was a waste of time and two thirds of Day 2 full of politics which is not why I was there. Loic needs to cop it on the chin.

  5. If a large (or small) part of your audience is unhappy and are showing it the smart thing to do would be to apologize and promise to do better next year.

    Saying “I’m sorry but I would do it again” is not an apology but a slap in the face of every visitor not from France.


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