RSS readers VS Website readers?

Visitor and RSS Feed growth GraphMichael Arrington said an interesting thing during The Next Web Conference. Casually he mentioned that he wasn’t interested in page views or website visits but only in RSS feed readers. He did know how many page loads he had a month but the number he was really interested in where his RSS feed readers.

Not long after The Next Web Conference I decided to start writing this blog. I have been blogging for years but always on different projects. I think the first real blog I managed was the HubHop blog (95 posts). But I also wrote for (167 posts), (104 posts) and

So I started blogging here. I have heard that the average amount of blogpost on any blog is 3. After three posts the blogger is tired of blogging and gives up. I decided not to blog for an audience but mainly for myself. So my posts have been motivated by frustration, enthusiasm or just boredom.

But I would be lying if I said I didn’t care about who was reading this blog and I have been monitoring the growth on a daily basis. I try to write interesting posts and am happy when I get quoted or get comments and interaction.

So here is the graph of my page load and the Feed Burner stats on top of it. Hope you find it interesting.


  1. Now that you mention, what made change into

  2. Hi Janneke, Meganova is a company that serves as an incubator for several projects. I’m not the only shareholder and I can’t just blog about personal stuff there. Bomega is my personal holding and something that will always be my property. Meganova might be sold one day but Bomega will always be mine. Good enough?

  3. Thanks for your clarification Boris!

  4. I miss Fleck*

    thass when Web2.0 was Exciting!!

    can U get me tix to the TechCrunch Party at BED in NYC???


  5. Actualy, since I use the google homepage feedreader I’m more into the commenting mode then ever. I love those nice little tickers that show you the actual feedmembers. I doesn’t make me feel the only one reading a weblog.
    Your log, is actually very interesting. They are now in my reader next to, dutchcowboys and signal vs noise.

  6. He Michiel, thank you for letting me know! It feels good to be appreciated…

  7. Agreed, I like this blog not so much for the factual and/or professional knowledge on digital knowlegde or concepts but more for the entrpreneurial air that it breathes. It’s inspiring. For me as internet entrepreneur but it would have been almost just as interesting I was an agricultural entrepreneur or, heck, Groen Links sponsored sex worker

  8. “Groen Links sponsored sex worker”?!?

    Oooh, why did you have to blow my cover like that?

  9. Eighty percent of success is showing up.

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