Marten Mickos for diner

Marten MickosTonight I had Marten Mickos, the CEO of MySQL, as a guest for diner. He emailed me last week if I knew interesting people in the Netherlands who used MySQL who he could meet. I suggested a diner, in my house, with a group of people I thought would be be interesting for him to meet. Other guests were Guido van Nispen, Reinier Evers, Robert Gaal, Ammy Vogtländer, Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm, Kiara Coen and Mark Schiefelbein.

The menu was simple but good. We had melted cheese with vanille honey and thym as a starter. Then I served a plate of Risoto with one leaf of basilicum and some trufle essence and a few mushrooms. The main course was Rösti, ‘peultjes’ and ostrich meat.

Ostrich is the largest bird on earth. They can run 65 KM per hour but get tired pretty quickly. Their meat contains only 1% fat and very low cholesterol which makes it very healthy.

For desert we had several fruits in a special sauce (‘anijs’ and rum) with sorbet icecream.


  1. Marten Mickos

    Boris, thank you for arranging this wonderful dinner.

    For the readers of Bomega: Boris is elegantly humble about his cooking, but as one who was there, I can speak for the entire group and say that the food was absolutely special and delicious, stimulating us to engage in the most varied and interesting discussions, the fewest of which were Web2.0 related. :-)


  2. Guido van Nispen

    Boris it was a wonderful evening, nice to meet Marten and all the others and have great food at the same time. I was one of the happy few having the duck instead of the ostrich and that was very tasty too.

    Thx Guido

  3. Thanks for the excellent diner Boris, and ofcourse the story behind it. Great to meet everybody and have a laugh :)


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